We can't keep it from snowing; 
  We can't catch it as it falls; 
     Anything shy of that, we can handle.


One more important consideration when it comes to our equipment is that we own, rather than lease, a large percentage of our snow removal equipment. This means that this equipment is used almost exclusively for snow removal and will always be at our disposal when it is needed. In addition to our salt trucks, here are some examples of the other equipment we own and utilize:

Snow Melter

With a combined burner output of 24,000,000 BTU/hr, this beast of a machine melts 135 tons of snow per hour. Depending on the density of the snow, this equates to 12-18 semi loads of snow per hour with the equivalent water output of 540 gallons per minute.


Loader-Mounted Snow Blowers

These blowers can also throw large amounts of snow. Often used for much the same reason as the airport style blowers, they can be used in slightly smaller areas.



We are one of very few vendors in the Chicago market that owns and operates TrucBrush units as a service for our clients. The TrucBrush service is a safe, efficient, and economical solution for the trucking and bus industries’ largest winter related issue: the removal of snow from their fleet’s rooftops.


End Loaders and Pusher Blades

There are used together for moving large amounts of snow or in large,open areas of parking lots. We have pushers from 8 feet to 26 feet and the appropriate sized loaders with which to use them. We almost exclusively use pushers with steel cutting edges in order to scrape better and decrease salt consumption.


Semi Tractors with Lowboy Trailers

They're are used to haul heavy machinery that is not road legal. They allow us to move our equipment around as necessary rather than having to rely on others to do it for us.



Sidewalk Machines

These are very effective in quickly clearing long expanses of sidewalk and/or wide walk areas. They often utilize different attachments such as plows, brooms, and snow blowers.

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Airport Style Snow Blowers

These blowers can throw a tremendous amount of snow in a short amount of time. They are often used to relocate large piles of snow on-site off of paved areas and into large grassy or open areas.

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Salt Trucks

Our Peterbilt salt trucks outperform all other trucks in the industry. Aside from being efficient and reliable, they are all equipped with liquid de-icing spray units that spray the salt as it is being spread.


Distribution Plows

In addition to our regular pusher blades, we also have several Distribution Plows that can be used to get under the king pins of trailers, pomoting a cleaner and safer environment in loading dock areas.

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Semi Tractor with Dump Trailer

These can be used to haul snow or other material either on- or off-site as needed.


Pickup Trucks

All of our pickups are 4-wheel drive and equipped with Western plows. Most are also equipped with a two-yard salter unit for use in smaller areas or on parking decks that are not accessible to our larger trucks.


Skidsteer with Pusher Blades

These are used together for moving snow from areas that are too large and/or inefficient for pickup trucks to effectively plow. We also have snowblower attachments that hook up to the front of skidsteers for specialty areas.