We can't keep it from snowing; 
  We can't catch it as it falls; 
     Anything shy of that, we can handle.


Our salt trucks are the heart and soul of our snow removal operations – they are the workhorses that define our dedication to excellence. As an integral part of nearly every facet of our snow removal operation, they are often our first and always our last line of defense in combating winter weather. We know it would be easy to assume that all salt trucks are the same – they just drive around the lot and throw salt, right? Not so. Nothing else in the snow removal industry compares to these trucks.

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We custom order each cab and chassis brand new from Peterbilt and then we build the rest of the truck ourselves to our exact specifications. This includes installing a custom designed hydraulic system that runs not only the salter and plow, but also the deicing spray unit, which is used to increase the effectiveness of the salt we spread. We are one of the first independent contractors to incorporate such a system on our entire fleet of salt trucks. Why do we go to all of this work? Because doing so means that these trucks have the proper engines, transmissions, hydraulics, gear ratios, turning radii, axle ratings, and accessories to move snow and spread salt more accurately, more efficiently, and with more ease for the driver than a typical salt truck.

 We could go on endlessly about how impressive these trucks are, but once you see one in action on your lot, you'll understand.